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Monday, February 21, 2011

to someone special

Oh, my sleeping husband, Love,
Beside me in sleep you lay
Quiet, peaceful, ever dreaming
Looking like a child, I’d say

Quiet, sleeping, looking good
Not a care, or never should
Because you walk so tall each day
Peace come to you at night, I pray

Do you know how much I care
That you stand with me each day
Watching over me and share
This life we share and with me, stay.

Do you know that I watch you
How you look a certain way
How you smile, how you grin
How your joy shows from within.

How you make my days seem light
How you hold me in the night
How you kiss me at the dawn
How so nice you keep the lawn

How you brighten up my life
When you refer to me as Wife
Would that I could be so calm
And be for you, your life’s balm

To hold you when you are feeling blue
To let you know a friend so true
Is standing by you through your pain
To kiss your tears through all the rain

To listen to your quiet dreams
That you weave for both of us
To know that you are my husband true
Are all the reasons why I love you.

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